The Hunger Games – Catching Fire

The Hunger Games – Catching Fire

The Hunger Games – Catching Fire In the first episode of The Hunger Games, the movie will focus on the game of life. 

That is both fun and pressured by a dramatic event at the same time It also reflects the impact of the competition. 

Both capitals who enjoy the competition With the 12 different territories getting upset and rioting, that makes 

The Hunger Games not a teenage film that focuses on fighting and love like so many of the past. But there is also a matter of political science!    

And in Catching Fire, it expands the scope of the first part. Showing the impact in the form of concrete showing that the impact of the competition in the first sector ดูหนังออนไลน์

How powerful it is With Katniss’s story from volunteering to compete to the conclusion of the 74th race, she has become a ‘ little girl with fire ‘ .

 That ignites in the hearts of those who oppose the capital’s style of rule. It is a symbol that the powerful cannot easily touch or destroy. 

Because it might lead to chaos that the state can no longer handle!  

But President Snow could not be silent. With the idea of ​​measures to control this small fire,

but when he saw that it could not be controlled Therefore use the format of a special game to manage Which before the movie led to the game was considered a battle without words. 

But take action It’s a real psychological battle. Which if anyone is interested in what the movie will lead to the game-hunting competition would feel uncomfortable

 But with those who want something superior to the competition in the first part It will feel like this is the paving of the 75th Game Hunt, or maybe the final pavement in Mockingjay !  


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